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Unlimited photo sessions vs Unlimited prints.....

"Unlimited photo sessions" and "unlimited prints" are common features offered by photo booth rental companies, but they refer to different aspects of the service:

  1. Unlimited photo sessions: This means that guests can take as many photos as they want during the rental period. There are usually no restrictions on the number of times people can step into the photo booth to take pictures. Guests can go in individually or in groups, and they can take as many shots as they like during the event.

  2. Unlimited prints: This refers to the number of printed copies of the photos that guests can receive. With unlimited prints, guests can request printed copies of their photos without any limitations. They can take multiple copies of the same photo or different photos, depending on their preferences. This feature ensures that everyone who takes a photo gets a physical copy to take home as a souvenir.

In summary, "unlimited photo sessions" allows guests to take as many photos as they want, while "unlimited prints" ensures that there are enough printed copies of those photos for everyone who wants one.

Here at Retro Celebrations we offer unlimited prints to make sure we have enough copies for each guest has at least one print specially with school events where we have many kids.....

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